Rules of the Website

Whilst we encourage Communication in our Blogs/Forums and ask for honest feedback/comments about Services.

Please remember to respect people’s opinions, thoughts, feelings and emotions or illness/disability.   Also gender, ethnic, religious backgrounds and sexual orientation, abusive behaviour, name-calling, or offensive/violent language.  Please do not use the professional person's name of any Service, whether the comments are good/bad are all strictly forbidden (please use words like staff, employees instead), or any other means of making people uncomfortable will not be tolerated.  No spamming or sexually explicit content material, link baiting or files containing viruses that could damage the operation of other people’s computers or mobile devices.

This Site is run by Volunteers and is a Support/Sharing Network, we have no affiliations with any political party, organisation, religion or campaign group. 

We are not responsible/liable for any comments/text/images posted to this site, please let us know if any of the links/services are broken or incorrect.

We reserve the right to change or alter these rules at any time.

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to Get in Touch with us.

Thank you.